Fresh starts

I needed a change. Couldn’t wake up to the same old thing another day. Life seems to show you a path sometimes and, well, life’s about taking chances anyways. So I recently left a 9-5 job to pursue other projects. Scary? When is scary not exciting! But the start of Spring, coupled with (another) birthday seemed like good reasons to make new starts. One exciting new venture is BIJAtreats. Nutrition, yoga culture and culinary training are blended together to create a line of healthy, vegan snacks. Check it out! I’m also excited to be doing more nutrition consulting and teaching more yoga classes. Other projects will be popping up over time (look for announcements here) but in the meantime I’ll be starting a new weekly blog to help meal plan on a budget. That whole preamble wasn’t just to glamorize this new lifestyle. Reality is not nearly as bedazzling. I started meal planning to cut back on food costs, and keep reminding myself it’s by far the healthier option (versus restaurant, takeout, convenience foods like frozen pizza, mac & cheese, ramen soups…). I’ll be posting grocery lists, but you should have the basic kitchen staples on hand. Stocking your kitchen well (which ensures you can always throw together a last minute meal from items you have on hand) will save you time and money in the long run. Here’s a printable checklist for your fridge, freezer and pantry: Stocking Your Kitchen



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